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Jelai Mirasol

Yes to Self-love

It's been years, I've been struggling from acne since I was in elementary. I tried a lot of products, and for me there's no changes and sadly, it worsen. I didn't research first what are the causes of acne, even the products that I'll use. And now, I'm already in my 20's, still hoping to have a good skin, always praying that I hope it gets better because I'm shy to face others, my self-esteem is gone. But what my friends told me is I should learn to love my flaws, because no one else will love it but only me, It's already part of me indeed, I shouldn't think what others will say or think about me, as long as I'm living my life, contented and happy. That's the only matters. Cheer up and do whatever makes you happy!!! :) Love yourself more.