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Jey Parreñas

Wow I discover a new apps that can be installed in your smart phone to earn active income!!

Hi guys !!! I discover a new apps that can be easily installed to your smart phones that can help you earn active income if you are willing to do it.."Premise" is an apps that helps me a lot during the time of lock down,even up to now...
What i did is: I just take and follow their task,survey and take picture to the place that they require me to take photo..after it i send it to them..then after 2-3 days they review my works, they pay me....thats it..

Im so amazed with this apps..because they give you ample time to do your  task..

Guys!! This time of pandemic we should look for other source of income that help us..even though were at home...WFH..work from home..we have income to generate..

Premise apps can be downloadable in playstore or appstore..user friendly and task their are doable...

Try this link:

Kamusta! Kumikita ako ng pera dahil sa mga litrato at pagsasaliksik para sa Premise. Pwede mong i-download ang app at magsimula ngayon! https://y2pge.app.goo.gl/premise