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Hey Guys,
   Few weeks from now will be my birthday and I just want to give you words of encouragement as a gift to myself for my birthday and I how that the message I will leave to you will encourage you to move forward with life.

During this time of the year usually I feel excited for myself as it is my birth month and I'll be receiving gifts (usually monetary) but this year I feel a little bit sad not because I won't be able to receive gifts as money is hard to earn due to the quarantine and a lot of my family members are having hard time to cope up with situation. During quarantine I realized a lot of things and I noticed a lot of things that I have neglected. I know things are tougher this days but I just want to let you know that you are not alone, during the time that you feel sad and alone or even if you feel happy and victorious you should talk to God to let out how you feel and to have someone to share you sorrow or victory because it feels better when you can share how you feel with someone. A lot of people are having anxiety attacks and depression because a lot of things are going on in their mind and they don't have anyone to share their thoughts or feelings with, afraid of being judge or misunderstood. To those people who has someone who shared their thoughts and feelings to them do not be rude to them, you just have to listen to what they say, hear them out. 

For those people who feel discouraged I just wanna say that you can do it and I believe in you and your ability, do what ever makes you happy, do not mind what other people will say because at the end of the day it's your opinion to your self that matters the most. Other may not understand you as they may not know you well, they may judge you, discourage you and bring you down but all you have to is show them how happy and successful you can be. Remember that success without happiness is nothing. You may be successful but then you still feel empty, so you must do whatever makes you happy as long as you are not stepping on someone. Success with happiness is the best revenge to those people who discourage and trying to bring you down.

During this days it's perfect to have an alone time every morning or night so that you can reflect on to yourself, assess how you feel, what you want to accomplish and what are your next plan or step in life. You can also discover more about yourself and learn new hobbies like arts and crafts, cooking, baking and so much more to divert your attention and stop thinking about negativity. Don't forget to pray, count all your blessings, ask for forgiveness, forgive those who wronged you, and ask for guidance and safety.

Have a good day wonderful creation of God. Be healthy and safe with your family. Don't forget  social distancing and hygiene. Thank you for reading and I'll pray for your happiness and success. God bless y'all. 😘😘😘


  • Eduard
    Oct 09, 2020 21:39
    Happy Birthday in advance.