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Will House Plants Ever Rule The World? #MYFAVORITEHOUSEPLANT

The key component of our planet is plants. Owing to the abundance of plants the earth is considered a green planet. They also play an integral role in the life of all species of the planet.

Oxygen gas is one aspect of plant food production. The gas plants and animals need to sustain is a major component of air oxygen gas. This is the oxygen we take from the air when people are breathing so our cells and bodies remain alive. Both oxygen from plants was absorbed by living organisms.

Want to add greenery to your house? Adjoining the plants in your home has many benefits – it quickly attaches the esthetic benefit of room to clean all of the air and improve the interior of your homes. However, those who can live and grow well with primary help and watering must be chosen for the correct form of plant.

A small green space can illuminate all of the surroundings. Studies have shown that gardening can reduce stress and have a beneficial effect. 
These are some of the house plants typical indoor plants that I like/prefer because of their low maintenance, good benefits and that can add to beautify your home:

• Snake Plant

The earth is home to more than 70 forms of snake plants. They are all alike. The roofs will quickly rot at first. Do not water regularly and create the soil drainage and simply combine the soil with oxygen. 

This plant can be grown in your bedroom cupboard. It can grow well with minimize sun exposure and even minimal watering. And It is also one of the best facilities indoors, since it extracts toxins from my air to purify your indoor aura.

They're exceptionally self-sufficient. Even if you don't water them for 7 days in a row and keep them in closed doors, they'll be able to thrive. Requiring minimal water, sun and maintenance, snake plants are best suited to those who want plants but are poor at the time. You keep them in closed cupboards, and they're still going to grow tall.

Furthermore, they are a healthy note air purifier. Indeed, they're one of the best indoor plants they have to absorb the highest carbon dioxide content. These minimalist plants are for all a win-win deal with their striking style of spiral leaves.

• Aloe Vera

All time classic! The trends will never come out of these plants. Aloe Vera is also perfect for skin care, part of the sophistication of esthetics. You're lucky, if you have one! Because you can collect a leaf and create a mask! How are you taking care of it, however? Start at the right temp. The room should be warm (80°F (13 and 27°C) with a luminous corner of the herb. You will rarely, but profoundly water!

A great example! The 'Wonder Plant' is also better suited to a rustic atmosphere. It is one of those plants that needs minimal maintenance, apart from the million benefits in food, cosmetics, skincare, etc. They are very easy to grow, and twice a week they need water. Moreover the air is filtered, the green aura is spread, and the view is fresh and contemporary. They take less room, look fabulous and come in many variations (another win-win).

• Tillandsia (Air plants)

Over 65 air plant types are available. Some of these plants are favorites of interior designers, since they are distinctive in their elegance and can add charm to an open corner. 

Fertilize them also by the water soaking. You do this every week. Leave the plants 5 to 10 minutes in the water. Then, bring it dry. You can then hang it on a pot and admire its beauty.

Airplants are awesome! Why is growing easy? There are lovers of hot weather who are surviving on neglect. They meet all their needs for water and nutrients through specialized sheets and therefore need very little watering (mist them about once a week or so). And they still look pretty if they die.

You can view these exotic bromeliads on your desk or in a nice jar. Their roots must only be attached to rocks, trees, etc, so that they can be placed anywhere.

"I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow". – David Hobson

Plants support us by giving us oxygen in the photosynthesis process. Plants in several ways support us: they provide us with a range of items to suit our needs. Most significant, oxygen is released into the atmosphere we inhale, which is why we live.

Only plants constitute the natural oxygen gas supply. The gas that plants and animals need to preserve is an oxygen gas that is an integral part of air. It's the oxygen we take from the air as people breathe, so that our cells and bodies stay alive. We can't think of life on earth without plants, therefore.

Save the trees, save the water and plant the trees.


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