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Philippines experienced a lot of events from the start of 2020. From natural disaster like volcanic eruption, earthquake, typhoon and the recent enemy of the world–Corona virus. Amid from all of these, we're still be able to stand and live the life we have. 

We can't avoid these events from happening but we can reduce the damages it caused us by having concrete plan on how to deal from these events, and who can plan and make the nation safe? of course, none other than–the elected government since they have the power to do those things.

We can see how competent or not the elected government by seeing the result of the problems and how they deal with it. from what's happening in the Philippines, you can see what government we have. A competent or not? you? what do you think? because me, no comment...

This will appear the importance of the your vote. It literally can save everyone. One vote can change the whole world that's why you should be smart and vote wise.