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Agatha De Borja

Why You Should Watch "The Hungry Syrian Wanderer" Vlogs? 😇🙏

     The Hungry Syrian Wanderer is the name of the Youtube channel which was conducted by a Syrian guy named Basel Manadil. Who is Basel Manadil? According to ABS-CBN Lifestyle, he is widely known as the Philippines' Adopted Son'. He is a Syrian with a Pinoy heart. After he lost his home and everything due to the rampant war in Syria, he moved to the Philippines at the age of 18 where he completed his higher education. Everyone else in the family became separate. He eventually decided to remain in the Philippines. After around six years of him staying in the country, he began his own YouTube channel. He is an ordinary man who has dedicated his life to loving the Philipines and helping his fellow Filipinos survive from poverty and other conditions. In his vlogs, he has been demonstrating his love for the Philippines. He kept talking about his pride in being a Filipino and in the beauty of the Philippines. He also became viral by promoting the Philippines. He was even going crazy in the Philippines Tourism Awards. He loved demonstrating the bright side of the Philippines despite the traffic and other problems!

     Basically, in his vlogs, he is widely known as someone who has been doing random acts of kindness to a lot of people in the Philippines such as feeding some random homeless; providing the homeless a home; helping the disabled; providing the OFW some financial security, providing a random OFW a beautiful house, helping a random person find his/her long-lost parent, son or daughter; helping the victims of the Taal volcano eruption; and so much more. Basically, he has been paying forward to countless Filipinos as it was shown in his vlogs. He became an ultimate inspiration to many Filipinos. What was personally fascinating to me was that a lot of the people that he has been helping were random ones that he found either on the street or anywhere. It truly showed that he felt the pain and that he cares.   

     Due to the challenges that Basel has faced before in Syria, settling down without his family in the Philippines, and so forth, he also used his painful past for a good purpose. Not only he vlogs but he also runs a restaurant business. He dedicated himself to nurture, help, and take care of his employees even during the pandemic. He treats his own employees like his own family and often rewards them for their hard work. His latest viral vlog was one of the most inspiring videos that he ever uploaded. In this video, he was helping a Korean small vendor who used to be a very, very rich man. Basel knew what it was like to lose everything. I suggest that you watch his latest vlog video about the Korean man. It all began with people messaging and asking Basel to help the Korean man who was located in that street. You will also love Basel's authentic personality. He is also humorous with his fans. He is always being himself in his vlogs.  Lastly, you should truly watch his vlogs because it might inspire more viewers to do the same and this is how we can probably make a better Philippines which is filled with more hope, unity, compassion, and progress.

Source: ABS-CBN Lifestyle
Photo Credit: 'The Hungry Syrian Wander' Facebook Page