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Agatha De Borja

Why You Should Take Up BA In International Relations Or Any Similar Course?

I graduated from Miriam College with a degree in AB International Studies. In some colleges/universities around the world, it can also be called "International Relations", "Development Studies" or "Global Studies". These are greatly similar courses. They are not the same. In the end, we still learn the exact same concept which is about globalization from politics, history, culture, languages, humanitarianism, and to the advancement of humanity. Not many are familiar with this degree. 
When people often ask me about what my degree is and tell them that this is the one, I often get different reactions. Some never heard of this degree. Some other reactions were great. I believe that this is an important course to study. What is this course about? According to InternationalRelations EDU, International Relations is a course that is interdisciplinary in nature with the blending fields of economics, field, and political science to examine such topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security, global ethics, and the political environment. This is also the explanation of the field of International Studies which was my four-year course. This is also a highly competitive field.

      As you can see, we know now why this course is valuable to study. It would allow us to have more peaceful and successful trades, negotiations, talks, and cooperation between nations without waging into terrible wars. Just like political science, we mainly learn how governments work. The main focus is also on solving issues both on the local and global scale. While attempting to maintain global peace as long as possible, there is a continuous discussion of the resolution of different global issues around the world such as avoiding terrorism, pandemic, human rights, and more through the help of the UN and other international organizations. One of the most common careers in this degree is joining the foreign service. Malay niyo? Makakapasa kayo sa DFA by passing the FSO exam. In fact, this course takes you to even broader opportunities and careers considering this teaches you human values, research skills, communication skills, writing skills, and critical thinking skills. Political theories are also important to learn in this course because it can also help one start a career as a political analyst. Political analysts are highly important in the society because they often explain why this country's leader reacted harshly to another world leader or why citizens react harshly to a leader and often predict what could possibly happen when such global phenomena occur. 

   Due to a bunch of readings along with many subjects that focus on economics, history, politics, and other complicated topics, this course can also sharpen your mind and enhances objective thinking skills. In gaining intensive research skills, the course is also concerned about the evidence that a student provides. In fact, this course can help you prepare for law school. Opinions are set aside and are not allowed in class discussions.  In order to solve some of the biggest problems in society, we need critical thinking skills. As you can see, this degree is highly important.

    Generally, this course not only taught me how to negotiate with representatives of other countries, how to stay diplomatic as well as how to solve global and local complex issues, world history, cultures, but also to be a people person. IS (International Studies) shaped me and turned me into someone who has more global awareness in this world. Being a people person is the main key to a successful government in whatever country or region and to continuous world peace. According to Mahatma Gandhi whom we learned a lot about him while studying this degree, be the change you wish to see in the world. There were two tracks of this course in my school: International Politics and Development Studies. I picked International Politics and Minor in Peace Studies. One deals more with global affairs in the political arena and the concept of diplomacy. On the other hand, the Development Studies deals with NGOs, solving poverty, and other human advocacies. These are just two sides of the same coin which is my course.

source: https://www.internationalrelationsedu.org/what-is-international-relations/
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  • Eduard
    Oct 18, 2020 16:20
    Well this course is usually to those person that has interest in entering any government post.
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