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Why make things easier: Secrets for an easy life

These are the test moments. You have so much to eat on your plate because you have to impress people with your things and your lifestyle.

We are continuously scrutinized and we have a pride in loved ones and strangers, whose validation we strive to impress on. Life is a mess that waits for bursting.

It's like your life will get straight on the weekend, and since it came two days, you have been fearing all over the week and doing it all over. Waiting for the weekend defines life right now.

It was about voluntary uncertainty in most of our lives. It just means we enjoyed complicating easy things, just to find ourselves, sometimes, in a fog and lurking torment. It was never a matter of genuinely being happy but, pretending best of luck to other people. We've agreed to live drama.

I would've been easier to study what the other people did. Buy stuff that you do not, or purchase things that is costlier than that you need. Still say yes and try to make friends with everyone. 

All  your life takes on your tasks, your wonderful things, your workers and your job to name only a few. The more you enter into your life, the more complicated it is. Materials and relationships appear, however, to encourage your life.

You have to choose what to do, buy or invest time in, to make it simpler and easier for you to live according to your needs and conditions. Our lives are full of information and simplified.

• Select your Yes or No make your choice carefully

Your choices are listed. You need to reflect on and recall things that are important to you. Look back, and you will know that your time is meaningless for the greater part. Aware choices equate to life-friendly and well-conceived decisions. You also think about what you consider to be necessary and ready for space and time.

Be adamant about how your time should be spent. List the essential elements you need to look after while you cross anything else. Your yes should be precise, and not perhaps the one you are looking for. Go for a no if you are not excited or excited. For you, stuff will be simplified. Moreover, saying that your attention is not diverted from the important stuff.

• Remove irrelevant things

Look around and you see the world battling for basic needs. We were so conditioned that things were happy for us. The quest for happiness and impressive people around us continues to take place. There is a truck full of stuff that goes unattended to your instantaneous satisfaction.

Every once in a while visit your closet. It's a fantasy to lay at your place unattended for a few who are not so fortunate. Too many of us possessions, who don't value them, are a privilege. Sell your things, donate them, throw the rest away. 

How we cling to items that are damaged and broken to restore or use "someday." is unbelievable.

Let go of it if it does not have any meaning.

• Establish realistic goals

I understand the significance of questions such as where, after five, ten years, do you see yourself?

Possibly at that moment, these questions did not make me understand the invaluable essence of the issue.

How do you expect ignorant and content in this world at the same time. You need to get a sense of what you want in life. The better in the near future.

You meander without any goals. This adds to the dilemma because you don't know. More often than not, life can confuse you. The same thing as writing, later without a thought you look at the blank page. You want to get tired of it. 

No matter what's best for you or for long-term objectives. You look forward to the vision and peace of mind. It is likely that you do not do what you intend, but your journey and thinking makes things easier.

The short, medium and long-term goals are established.

• Right now control your standards

Keep your options in mind if you are to control expectations.

There is always a difference between who you are and what people expect of you. It is a way forward to sustain and revisit your relationship with the expectations of people.

It causes an unnecessary complexity and tension in your life to expect things to go our way. 
You prefer to live a life in the words of others if you do not control your expectations of life and people around you. Once the self-control of life is lost, anger and anxiety will slip into your life and make it chaotic. 

We dream and try to solve situations, but in vain. We find our lives so hard, on the other hand.

Manage your goals and let your life unwind. You should expect less and do more.

Manage your goals and let you life unwind. You should expect less and do more. 

• Put the things in order

Start planning and coming up with a method to deal with panics such as the last minute when you tend to pay the bill the last day, or when you're packed, you can't find a sock.

Organizing your whole life is a job instead of fixing minor items for handling trivial situations.

We also have trouble in locating a receipt at the very last moment, or a document we so desperately need but can't get.

Cut this confusion and madness down and make yourself simpler. Make some files or directories and find peace when they are most required for important items. Begin putting stuff where it is—your clothes, keys, and everything you need on the go.

• Get out the news and restrict the social media 

Most news is insignificant in this regard. Today, every news report is headlined. When we feel negative and risky, our minds are programmed to pay attention. All day long we have bad news enough to think that the planet has become a monster. We are worried and nervous for our well-being when the reality is; problems are beyond our control and more likely to be overlooked.

Social media has now made us waste room and time. Nothing is private. A traditional dependent takes a phone in order to scroll strangers' lives. You see people scrolling in the same field  the world in minutes.  

Reserve your time in social media, and as soon as you feel unwelcome that you are not connected, how long you need to use it meaningfully is your surprise.

It also simplifies your life by removing you from the comparison and judging you. 

The key to a happier and healthier life is simplified. Less is more satisfying. More satisfying. Sadly, we have to believe otherwise. We look forward to more because of the amazing marketing tricks and the rise of a modern world order of social media and technology. We're in a numbers game and our balance numbers with happiness and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the numbers have no end, and so satisfaction is no end. Look closely and you know most of us have everything we need.

Start making a deliberate decision by reducing items unnecessary to simplify your life. Make space for harmony and for the things you love.

Begin like a dog to live. You are unlikely to make life easy. How to live like a dog and become a better person?

Let me know if your time was worth it.


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