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Why is learning how to play the guitar so frustrating?

Playing the guitar for the first time is so frustrating because it can take up a lot of time to get a hang of it. It can also hurt your fingertips because of pushing down on the strings. Learning how to play the guitar takes a lot of time, from getting the hang of it and the changing of chords, for example, if you're playing the C major chord then changing to a B major is hard because the B Major chord is a bar chord. That's one more thing everyone is getting frustrated in, the bar chords, doing a bar chord is hard and sometimes the chord just mutes when you play it. 

Learning how to play the guitar is so rewarding when you get the hang of it. You can a song and your friend can sing and you can just sit on on a log and make a bonfire while you're camping. You can have a great time playing the guitar you just have to be patient and devoted to learning how to play the guitar. It's the perfect time to learn the guitar because of quarantine, Goodluck guys and I suggest you learn the song 214 by Rivermaya. Happy playing guys!