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Nathalie Nicolas

Why do I love Kdramas?

Are you a Kpop fan? Do you love South Korea? Then you've probably heard of Kdramas or maybe you are a Kdrama fan like me too. Why do you love Kdrama or why I love kdrama?

I love Kdramas because it is my escape to this stressful world. I feel like I'm in another dimension whenever I'm watching it. I love how Kdramas had a big impact in my life where I can learn many things that I may apply in reality and also learn Korean at the same time. I love how this was able to deliver all kinds of emotions from me. 

Love is everywhere. But as for me, I found love in Korean dramas. Yet, it was more than that. It gives a purpose and a lot of learnings in life because Kdramas isn't just for entertainment but also showing a great representation of life. 

All the aspects of every Kdramas I've watched embrace love, bravery, passion, and culture. It is beyond just a drama because it has a story. It represents thousands of stories. 

Why do you love Kdrama? Let me know in the comments 😊

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  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:29
    Check my articles too :)
  • Avagrey
    Aug 15, 2020 11:45
    First Kdrama I watched was Cheese in the Trap nung 2016. Since then, na hook na ako, ganda kase tapos parang escape to reality!
  • Mark Arcel Letada
    Aug 11, 2020 09:14
    check my articles too :)