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Which is real your face in the mirror or your face in picture?

Have you ever seen your face in pictures and said " I don't look like this" Well, a lot of people do actually have that common reaction. It is because our face in the mirror is inverted, meaning what is right in the real world is left in the mirror world. Also, we always see ourselves facing in front of the mirror and we are used on seeing our selves inverted. That is why when we see ourselves in pictures, our reality-look we often perceived it as different.

As a photographer *beginner* I often consider the distance of the camera, lighting as well as the posing of the model because these actually affects one's look in pictures. For example, If you put you camera near to your face it will make everything bigger compared to its normal sizes. That is why we often see our nose bigger than the usual.

The most accurate look of yourself according to study is yourself in the mirror. Though it is inverted, you can clearly see the full details of your face, the correction of distances and the lens you are using is the best in the world. " our eyes"