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Tinefaye Wooten

When The Love Is Real 😍

When The Love Is Real

''When your love is real, it's hard to just stop loving someone... even after they've proven to you over and over again that they don't deserve your love.''

That's what makes breaking up so hard to do. You know it's time to go, but love just won't let you walk away. Real love wants you to give them another chance, to try just one more time to make it work, even when deep down inside you know... he'll never change.

What important to know about True love is that, True Love has never really been about romance or passion at all. True Love is real and it cannot be defined by any means... sometimes its crazy, passionate, complicated and painful however, Love isn't finding someone you can escape reality with, but its finding someone who makes reality worthwhile.

True love is about truth and value. It is about vulnerability and acceptance.

True love, it is about entirety of oneself that finds peace.

True love is not also about finding yourself in another, it allows you to be your self.

True love is not demanding, it comes naturally.
True love is committed and last forever.

True love is about discovering a foundation on which we can build our lives and on which we can place our hope and confidence. It is about feeling like we are worth something, it is about sharing vulnerability and in the midst of it, feeling loved unconditionally.

We always remember that when love is real, we love someone and not getting love in return is the most beautiful feeling in the world.