• Good News

Agatha De Borja


What makes my day beautiful?

Do you want to know? Well, here is the thing. My day can be beautiful for certain reasons. No matter how insignificant sometimes life may seem, I'm super duper grateful for everything that I have. As long as nothing really tragic happens throughout the day and enjoying even some of the simplest and finest moments in life. The day doesn't need to be super bongga. It has to be my choice to make every moment seem like a meaningful one. I won't allow completely the external reality to dictate how I feel. As long as I'm able to maintain happiness which mostly comes from within and not relying on any external source, then it would truly make my day. Despite the problems that continue at times, I would have to force myself to think positive thoughts and focus on what matters the most. Positivity is how I would attract better life experiences. Whenever I need to release the burden, I still release my sadness or other negative emotions. Of course, there may be days that are going great and like a blast especially when going to EK with friends, watching movies with a group of friends, celebrating the best birthday party ever, etc. It's even more beautiful when that happiness totally comes from within knowing that I'm enough and I have everything that I need. What makes my day truly beautiful is self-reflection and looking at the things for how I should truly view them. I'm still learning to appreciate life and focus on the brightest side even in the darkest moments. If I have a chance, I can do some fun and/or interesting things to make the day even more beautiful. If I have a chance, I can go out to nature to catch some healthier vibes and absorb wonderful nature. Nature would help me feel happier. I can walk around the park. As a bonus for my happiness, I can also do my fun hobbies and so much. How about you? What makes your day beautiful? 

Photo Credit: Quang Anh Ha Nguyen