• Good News


Sometimes we are so focused on the negativity around us, that we forget  to be grateful for what we have. My day gets better every time I get to realize the things I am blessed to have, like my family with me at home and the friends I get to talk to over the internet. Also, the things I get to do, like wake up in the morning and continue my passion in art and photography. 

Our situation today, makes us realize the things we took for granted before, like being able to spend time with friends and loved ones, being able to go out, or catch the morning tricycle to work in school. It's those little things that we miss the most. 

That's why we must always be thankful, even of the little things we have, because we wouldn't want to think about it only when it's gone. 


pictures taken at šŸ“ Singapore by kkgbrl.
layout by kkgbrl.
camera used Sony A6000.