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What to Expect? " BS in Chemistry Edition"

What is BS Chemistry?

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS Chem) is a four-year degree program that teaches students the conduct of standard laboratory procedures involved in chemistry and the use of chemical instrumentation in analytical and synthetic work. Important skills such as monitoring, observation, and measurement of chemical properties, systematic recording, and documentation are also included in its curriculum. Students will be knowledgeable about designing experiments and understand and identifying the limitations of every experimental approach.

Subjects and Curriculum

General Chemistry
Principles of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Instrumental Methods of Analysis Laboratory
Chemistry Seminar
Chemistry Research

Career Opportunities

Graduates of BS in Chemistry may pursue a career path in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage companies, cosmetics companies, oil and petroleum companies, mineral companies, and chemical manufacturing companies, and clinical facilities. They may apply as a process chemist, industrial chemist, agricultural chemist, analytical chemist, clinical biochemist, cosmetic chemist, chemical analyst, or a chemistry teacher or professor.

What To Expect?

I want to say that it is really an exciting course! You learn how you get a bad breath when you don't eat, why elemental carbon exists as either diamond or graphite, and what happens to electrons when you use your gadgets and these things you get to know at the molecular level! Isn't it cool and amazing?

You just really need to have a couple of good study habits, a bountiful of prayers, and a gazillion worth of patience.

Am I using what I learned in college?

Yes! Not only the knowledge but also the virtues. Those things I learned in dealing with different kinds of people. How the school where you graduated is really not a big deal. At work, all become equals because you all need to keep your feet off the ground to maintain a peaceful workplace.

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