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What is women empowerment ? How is this helping a women?

March is celebrated as the month in which brings to mind how a girl becomes a women. How valuable a women is in our society. And also to appreciate the women on how much they are appreciated as a women, same as to the men.

Women empowerment aims to stimulate and developing women in all fields and sectors, building higher standards of living, quality of life and equal opportunities for women. It helps them to make their own decisions by breaking the terms that society and their families establish for themselves. It is to make them independently of thought, mind, decision, wealth and society in all respects.

It is a fact that empowered women can lead to healthy social changes through various roles. No society could achieve sustainable progress with a minimal or negligible role for women.

If you analyze the broad and profound directions of roles and responsibilities, you would certainly have to adjust them dynamically.

In empowering women, we are talking about moral, educational, intellectual and cultural development through which a women understand not only her status and the spirit of her role, but also, under different circumstances, fulfill her responsibilities.

The women empowerment assists her in many respects. In the true sense, only when both sexes contribute to their potential is a society seen as being developed. If you look from a social development perspective, you can see clearly the advantages of women empowerment:

A society is developing:

• Ethical when a women is perfectly playing her role as a mother and wife.

• Materially when female entrepreneurs can contribute to the business and commercial sectors.

• Educational when both intellectually and academically the gender of women is reflecting.

• Women ensure their effective role in and outside the house in terms of culture.

• When a mother and a child follow moral values and cause dynamic change, spiritually.

• Politically, when the leadership of women takes responsibility.

• Ethical if a husband acts enthusiastically because of his inspiration for better half and reflects the character of his mother.

• Women's empowerment starts only at a personal level.

Women empowerment is a tool for the development of a nation. The nation's growth will have nothing to do with the growth of a sector of society. In every section of society we must take the path of development jointly. As an empowered mother with a kid, women are the main theme of the development, which is the bright future of every nation.