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What is Love for Me? What is Love for You?

Love, the greatest power the universe had. What does it mean to love and to be loved? Based on dictionaries; love is an intense feeling or deep affection to something or someone. For me I guess it's meaning in the dictionary is being tilted, if your angry you can produce intense feeling, and having a deep affection means you like it, and like and love are not the same? Although it's just my opinion I hope ii will not be bashed by expressing my opinion. 

What is love for me? Love, is a feeling of genuineness towards something or someone. It is showing or giving something that is valuable, what I mean valuable is not only about tangible things. You can give everything that is found in earth but are you sure it's the most valuable or precious. You can say to anyone that you love him or her but is it a genuine type of love are you not seeking of something in the end? Remember Jesus loved us without anything in exchange. He died for us so that he can show he's love, we forsake him yet He is still love us. It shows how genuine the love of Jesus for us. 

If we love someone don't demand them to love us back it's just a bonus if we get back the love we share to others. Genuine love isn't seeking to be loved back you may say it's one sided love but I guess it is really the best definition of love. How about you guys what is your own definition of love?