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What is Happiness?

What is the essence of happiness?, Is it a thing?, A matter?, or an emotion?, Is it an expression?, When can we realize that we are on the point of happiness?, What makes the “Happiness” of happiness? 

The essence of happiness is being on the discussion since the ancient times. A lot of philosophers have different thoughts about it. From Aristotle in his “Eudaimonia” to Victor Frankl and his reasons to be happy. Since then, there have been different meanings and realizations in terms of happiness but there is no exact and definitive meaning nor its exact realization that came up. 

With our present condition due to the pandemic, happiness is what most of the people needs. 

Personally, I see happiness not as a thing or a matter, neither an expression nor an emotion.
HAPPINESS is a PERSON. Yes it is Indeed! We could be the source of happiness of anyone. The Happiness that cannot be measured but felt. Happiness that is priceless. Being contended in to something, being loved by someone.

You, My dear reader, be the Happiness that someone needs!