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What If There

What if there's us? 
What if there are you and me?
What story would both of us be?
With you, the future I want to foresee.
Oh, how wonderful it is to fall in love with thee.

I dreamed of you since day one.
For you're the only one.
You make my mind smile
And makes my heart skip a beat every once in a while.
You took my breath away.
Oh, dear, I want you to stay.

I love everything about you.
You're like a dream come true.
You're a fantasy I want to pursue.
You cast away the things that make me blue.

I love my smile when I am with you.
For it reminds me of the love that is new.
You're the prayer I asked God for.
Since you're the one that I adore.

I love the innocence of your face
Partnered with a mesmerizing voice.
Plus your eyes so deep
That makes me wanna keep.

What if there's us in the future?
It's something that I want to nurture, for sure.
You make my world go round
While keeping my feet off the ground.
You're the one I found
That saves me from getting drowned.

What if there's us?
A topic we can't discuss.
To avoid dismay
And feelings we can't repay.

It's better left unsaid
For us to be happy, instead.
I hope and pray for what's ahead
That it would bring the happiness we can spread.