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What good does come out of voting?#WhyShouldYouVote

When asked about why you should vote, remember that:
- it is your right and exercising your right to suffrage does your country a favor because you are performing your civic responsibility as a citizen; 
- your vote, while it is only one, combines with the vote of others which makes up the total number of votes; 
- you take part in electing leaders who you think would best represent your community and govern your beloved country; and
- you send other citizens the message that voting should be a concern of all;

While a lot have seen voting as just another activity that wouldn't do much impact and is not necessary to be bothered about, it actually determines the kind of leaders who will be governing the country and making the quality of life for people better. The people who we elect and advocate for would decide on community or national affairs that will definitely affect the lives of everybody. The laws they make, the policies they passed, the social services they provided and failed to give, their excellence and failure, and the like -- all of their actions will soon impact the status of the country and obviously, us the citizens. 

Voting is a political activity and a civic responsibility that we must take seriously if we want to change the status quo. If we want to change the system and the state of things that are continuously making the lives of Filipinos harder than before, we must act and think about who to vote for. 

Please, know that your vote matters even though you feel like it would not considering the hundred of millions of voters out there. Together, our single votes could make a difference. Let's do our country a favor and the next generations a message that we should exercise our right to suffrage. 

Register. Vote. Hand in hand, we are shaping the future of our country!!