• Good News


well, a day could be better hours later

Today, I was feeling too exhausted and emotionally drained to continue the previous plan I had with a friend. Hence, I chose to just stay home and attempt to finish my paper requirement. However, my mother asked me to do something outside. Since I also had to go out, I asked the friend who I was supposed to meet today to eat out for dinner. 

ChaRaaAan! and we did! I don't know I bet we were only together for about an hour because we both needed to go home early, but I felt better and satisfied. I got the break I needed even tho it only lasted a short time. It just got me thinking how small moments that may seem usual and so ordinary could uplift spirits and change the course of the day. You know it's just relieving to know that some days have in store a good thing to happen even tho it might come later that very day.