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Nicole Real

We will get there #5YearsFromNow

"Where will you be 5 years from now?" Many find this question very difficult and I can say that I am one of them... at times. In this world full of uncertainty some plans are redirected towards different paths. Some paths may be bumpy that can make some of us quit and start a new plan. I'll be honest, five years ago, I never thought that  life can really be cruel. I thought everything will fall onto it's proper places as I imagined them to be. I never thought that I will be facing hardships along the way. Five years ago, my only dream is finish my degree and to make the people around me  happy and proud of me. I thought that it will be simple, but as I said, it was not easy- it never was. Sleepless nights and midnight tears. Disappointments and frustrations.  I was questioning life 'why?' without considering the question 'what'. "What am I gonna learn from this?" This question only comes into my mind along the process, maybe as part of growing up. I learned to be positive despite of all the shortcomings and hardships that comes  to my life. Now, I can say that those experiences made me who I am today. It sounds cliche but Im telling you its true. Some of plans five years ago are still part of my plans today. I still want to make the people around me happy. I want to comfortably sleep at night knowing that my love ones are safe and sound. I want to wake up every morning excited and energize knowing that there are people who are always cheering me up and people who are grateful to have me in their life, people I can help and people I can learn to. I want to be someone else's  source of positivity and happiness. To be clear, I want to to be of service to other people as well as  to establish my own businesses. (Yes, businesses). Five years from now, I know for sure that things many might change but I'll stick to what I want to be and what I want do. I may not have something that I can be proud of at the moment but I won't quit achieving all of my dream not only for myself but also for the people around me.
To you who are reading this, I wish you all the best. I believe in you and we will get there. Challenges and hardships exists to hone and mold us to be better version of ourselves. As they say, "Diamonds are made from extreme pressure" it takes time but I believe that sticking to our plans and believing in ourselves is a huge part to make everything happen. 
#5YearsFromNow we will make it happen and we will get there. 
Love you folks


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