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Anna Corotan

We can do this

Hi! It's my first post here! I know a lot of people have been struggling today because of the pandemic and wanted to earn money for their financial expenses and needs. Some people are losing their jobs because their companies are decreasing the numbers of their employees. And students are struggling with their studies because others cannot enroll due to financial problems, lack of gadgets to use, unstable internet connection, and mental health problems. 

Even though we're struggling to make a better future for ourselves and to make everyone safe including ourselves, let's never forget our front-liners who are doing their best to save the life of everyone. Let's make bondings with our family or people who are with us inside our home. But never forget the people who are left outside who don't have enough goods to make themselves feel at home. Let's help people who are in need because not everyone has the privilege to buy what they need.

Remember to keep safe, and don't forget to help not just everyone but also help yourself.