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Watch One Of The Funniest Fil Am TikTokerists Otakoyakisoba!

       I promise you that watching their viral videos will surely make your day. Their videos are absolutely relatable to Filipinos and Asians in general. The Fil-Am mother is definitely a must-watch for BTS and K Drama fans considering she is an Army and a K drama fan along with her son!!! Whether you are Asian or not, this is a recommendable TikTok site to watch especially whenever you feel stressed or down. There are no exact words to describe what their humor is like. The humor of the mother is very irresistible and contagious with a strong Filipino attitude and accent. Otakoyakisoba is one of the most viral TikTokerists of all time with a total of about 4.9 million followers and 193.9 million likes. This public account consists of a mother and son duo. Their names are Olly and Mama Lulu.

     It's about Olly recording videos of his funny mother daily. He often records a typical Filipina angry mom who is Mother Lulu taking place in different home situations in videos which is most likely relatable for Filipinos to watch most of the time. Their videos demonstrate how he and his mother typically mess around every day and that's how they became very popular on TikTok for. The videos are about his mother 99% of the time. Basically, Olly has made his mom famous. All I can is that they have one of the top funniest and the most unique content of all time. His mother's Asian anger attracted more and more loyal fans and followers on their page. Of course, he also recorded the bright, positive, fun, humorous, and happy side of his mom too. That's probably another reason why people fell in love with Mama Lulu. They were all being themselves in their content. At some point, the other family members are also involved in Olly's humor and his videos too. Behind the camera, it has always been Olly laughing at her while recording his pissed, funny, and happy mom. Sometimes he often asks his mom questions and receives unexpected funny answers from her behind the camera. I'm sure that more and more viewers and fans will continue to laugh and smile because of their daily videos. There are times that these "mag-ina" showed their love for BTS in some funny videos. Once again, I recommend watching @otakoyakisoba on TikTok. It's such a stress-relieving account. I hope that the fan community continues to grow. Above is a video of the best TikTok moments between Olly and Mama Lulu . Honestly, every single video posted by his son has always been the best. Personally, I struggle choosing favorites. They are truly all funny, unique, and great.šŸ‘šŸ™šŸ™Œ

Photo Credit: Cosmo.ph


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