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Wandering Jew: Cutting propagation

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Wandering Jew or Tradescantia zebrina is an EYE-CATCHING, easy and fast-growing plant with colorful foliage of silver, purple and green to brighten up any room as a hanging or trailing indoor plant.
VERY EASY to take care of, and it’s tough and hard to kill. 
How to Propagate?
First, remove or simply trim the bottom leaves with sharp, clean scissors on the cuttings and then place them in a glass or bottle of water, or place the trimmed end back into the soil, and start the rooting process. Leave them for weeks, and you’ll begin to see little roots form. Roots will develop on the newly trimmed vine.
Once your cuttings have roots, you can place them in a pot with standard potting soil. Put it in a place that will get medium to bright light.

And that's all! The plant is fast-growing and will quickly generate new growth.


  • The Creed Guy
    Jan 22, 2021 23:27
    Propagating is one of the best way to produce a new plants like seeds. Thank you for this tips and keep on posting.