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This might be a little weird but for me this gate means a lot and it is part of my childhood. The entrance of the campus which I don't even go to makes my heart happy when I was a kid. Going inside the UPLB campus is something kids on my time is a dream and also because of it's nature feel, we all know that kids loves freedom and space. We can run and play sometimes meet new friends. When I was studying in highschool lots of my batch mates dreamt to enter the campus, I was like "just walk in or take the jeepney so you could go in" they were like crazy over the campus. Then I realized that UP gate really is big and important well for my friends. They were all busy studying and finding ways to go and apply. I was the only one who is not bothered. I took the examination with them but I was not that serious because I am not interested. After the announcement I didn't make the cut but that is given because my HS grades were bot that high also I slept throughout the Math subject because I just got home from a short trip and we went straight to the examination. So when my seatmate tap my shoulder I think I drooled well not flood like but a little she told me "are you done?" then I just looked at her and my eyes widened and just shaded random answers. Everyone is having their snacks while I am just trying to stay awake. After that we waited for the result and lots of my classmates really cried when they weren't able to pass. And I was like "why are you crying it's not the end of the world silly." They just continued crying, I studied to another province because I want to escape from some toxic things of life. I studied there but I didn't graduate because the course that I took is not meant for me. That's when I realized why everyone is dying when they failed UPCAT. I was actually jealous to those who has a concrete plan for their life because I don't know what course to take. I just want to graduate, work and give ny mom a good life with my sister. But how to that is nit part of my plan.. after some years I realized what I want to do, I want to be a chef or study cooking and baking so I told my mom and she said "That's too pricey where will we get that much money" so I just stopped. I want to do more things but I don't fit well. Now everytine I pass by the UP Gate I am just smiling and sometimes it makes me remember many things from my childhood.



  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 15:05
    Gate really po