• Good News

Kylene Chan


     Not that of ourselves we are qualified to take credit for anything as coming from us; rather, our qualification comes from God - 2 Corinthians 3:5

     "Love more," God said in the beginning of 2016. So I did. I served more, I gave more, I preached more, I taught more, I walked more. I tried to obey that one simple command to the point of obsession that I got sick. I had to go back to taking maintenance medicine for my liver.

     Dr. Lubaton, a good friend and also my doctor, said to me, "Karren, you've loved us all so much, but you forgot to love yourself." I couldn't accept that, so I got angry with God. Is this what I get for loving more? I asked Him one time in prayer. He didn't answer. So I stopped talking to Him.

     But even in my pettiness, God still allowed His faithfulness.

     One Sunday, while sulking, I got a text invitation to give a talk to Camp Calye, our youth camp. It turned out to be the one of the most impactful talks I ever gave. A lot of people came up to me and told me how their lives were changed with one simple talks.

     There I was, unworthy, unforgiving, and "unchurched," but still able to bless so many people. I realized then and there that it wasn't me. It was all Him. He chooses even the most unworthy of His subjects, and whom He calls, He uses. Whom He uses, He equips. 
                                 -Karren Renz P. Seña (@shepherdvoice.com.ph)

Reflect: Do you allow God to continue to use you, in spite of feeling unequipped?

     Father, even in my unworthiness, You continue to use me. Grant me the grace to always say yes to You. Amen.


  • Khate
    Aug 15, 2020 22:57
    The word of God is the Best. Let's support each other. Let's be friends :)