• Good News

Jericho Maldia

Unconditional love makes different

It seems like
yesterday, I just saw you smile
silvery hair and all wrinkled
a once flawless skin.
But still, flesh and blood
eyes full of life,
a life full of lives.
Despite the baby steps you took to visit
your lovely little spiders,
you arrived safe and sound;
though fragile and tired; face bright
with a wide full smile.

And now, I see you
through the camera lens on my phone
lips tightly shut! face pale and drawn!
You are dress in pretty white satin -
I, like a fool, wonder,
where are you heading at?
But you just lay perfectly still.

Remember the day when I was going back
to Manila, the tearful goodbyes...
You asked when I should be coming back home again.
My heart leapt - swayed in the air a bit while longer.
I held you in my arms chanting a promise in my head
that I'll be back home very soon.
Never imagined that could be our last hug,
that could be my night - long sad song.

I can't seem to master the art of letting go
if I've still so much to tell you.
My heart is lead to face the world without you.
Will last forever to get over with.
And I feel extremely blue,
the world is suddenly grey and cold
time is suddenly fast and old.
If I could just fly back there, I could.
I'd pack and grab a bag just to give you
one last hug, and tell you
'I'm home' -
home too late -
Sometimes, starts and ends interwoven
as well as life and death.

From the painful distance between us,
to the hymn of your sepulcher that will pierce
our hearts and souls.
Rest in the shade of peace as you touch the
green, green grass of home.
Farewell, my white dove.
Thank you for your last hug.
May we meet again!


  • Mark Arcel Letada
    Aug 11, 2020 08:45
    check my articles too :)