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Triumph of Pinoy Pop: SB19’s A’TIN Conquers Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off, A Historic Victory for Filipino Fandom!‌

The fans of Pinoy Pop (P-pop) boy group SB19, known as A’TIN, have etched their names in golden letters by seizing the grand title of Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off Winner in the 2023 edition of the annual fandom showcase. Rising like a meteoric star, the Pinoy pop sensation’s aura continues to illuminate the world, with their fandom, A’TIN, acting as the dazzling constellation surrounding them.

The Billboard Fan Army Face-Off, a yearly arena where fans’ devotion, zeal, and unity are tested to reveal the strongest fanbase, unfolded its drama on July 5 this year. A battle not of swords and shields but of unwavering loyalty and passion, the voting contest reached its thrilling crescendo on August 8.