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TomatoMann Nail Art Natural Set

It's been 4 days ever since I released my first product. I only sell it for a very low price that my husband thinks that I'm only wasting my time. But I humbly disagree with him, I told him that I am not after the profit that I could get. What's important is that I am enjoying what I am doing. Hoping to release more products soon. šŸ˜Š
Those 4 days were not easy, everyday I was worried if I'll ever have a chance to have sales. Luckily, I had 1 transaction per day, yup I'm quite happy with that already. 
I released Tomatomann DIY Nail Art Set for only 49pesos. It already includes everything that you'll need to make your nails pretty and cute. I also give freebies to my customers as I know they deserve it. 
DM me if you're interested šŸ˜Š