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John Mark

To all Engineering Freshmen

          Taking up any field of Engineering is no joke, but just like any other course out there, one must possess the passion and the drive to persevere to push through your endeavors and become what you dream of becoming in the future. As a third-year college student taking up Engineering, I've experienced a lot of hardships and challenges from which I've learned and grew. There are sleepless nights, mornings powered by caffeine, moments of despair, and even times when I ask myself if I can still go on and continue walking down the path I dreamed of. But thanks to all the things I've gone through, I've picked up some valuable lessons which I am very much happy to share with you, my fellow students who are taking up Engineering or those who are planning to. 

        First, write notes! Yes, you heard me right, or rather, you read that right (hahaha). But seriously, you must write notes from your professor's discussion, or at least the outlines of what you've learned in class, by doing so, you'll have something to study for later. You'll have something to review which will help you to remember information and will aid your understanding of that lesson.

        Second, don't stop practicing and solving problems! This is one of the biggest mistakes I've made, because every time I review for an upcoming quiz or exam, I am pretty much satisfied by solving only a few questions and call it a day. And let me tell you, I learned from one of the most horrible ways that it isn't that easy. You must never stop practicing and solving problems and equations to familiarize yourself with the lesson, in doing so, you'll be able to walk your way through various problems and equations there may be.

        Third, master the basics. Just like any other field, you must have a deep understanding of the basics in order to move forward and take up something more advance. This can also be applied in engineering, but in our case, one must master the basics of every math concept out there to have a strong foundation of skills that will eventually help you understand more complex concepts. 

        Fourth, learn to take a break! You should not push yourself too much every time you study. You are not a machine programmed to run for hours without needing time to rest, plus, not taking a break comes with various negative effects such as decision fatigue and lack of focus, it can even affect your mental health and cognitive abilities in a not desirable way. So, just take a break from studying when you feel tired and remember that your health is your very foundation in achieving your dream.

        And lastly, don't ever lose hope and faith. When you feel discouraged and dismayed from your failures, do not ever lose hope and continue moving forward. As the old saying goes, "Failure is the mother of success", you always have something to learn in your failures and mistakes because these are just your stepping-stones in able to reach a higher potential, to grow, and to achieve your dream. And also, do not forget to call for guidance from the one above, when you feel overwhelmed, a little prayer can help a lot.

   Life is full of challenges and achieving your dream is not an easy task, but with the proper mindset, faith, passion, and perseverance nothing is impossible especially Engineering.


  • Rashe
    Oct 13, 2020 19:58
    Laban college students!!