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Tired? Just Rest and Never Give up

Are you tired? Tired, that makes you think to give up? Are you being suffocated by your problems? Well I'll say to you take a deep breath and sit for a while. Let me teach you something that surely help you overcome things that have been a burden to you.

What makes you tired? Is it doing the same exact thing all over again? I say to you, you love that thing and it's just the feeling of being exhausted that makes you want to give up. Rest for a while exhale all the negativities around and inhale the positive energy around you. 

If you're tired and you feel you want to give up, reflect on things which motivates you to go on. Your dreams, the urge of being successful one day. Your family, always remember what you promised to them. Lastly yourself promise, that whatever it takes you won't give up. Be a man with dignity stand in your words and always ask for God's guidance, surely He will guide your path. Never give up because you have what it takes to continue your journey.


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 16, 2020 13:41
    Keep fighting!!