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Elydia Reyes

Tips on How to Choose a Course in College

Hello everyone! ERRstories here. Here are practical tips on how to choose the best course for you in College or University. You may also apply these tips in choosing a career or shifting your career.

The video has no take 2 so please be kind with some grammar glitches. =)  Got some super minor things to edit but as promised, I did not do a re-take to make it more natural. hahaha. 

Love you guys. Credits to Jayven Poblete for the help and for trying to make the video quality better but its really dark still. hahaha 
0:00 Quick Introduction
01:47 How to choose a Course in College?
03:58 Consider your Strengths. 
05:09 Consider your Time frame. 
06:20 Consider the opportunities 5-10 years after you graduate based on the course you chose.
07:30  Take a look at your passion. What makes your heart excited? 


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    Jan 21, 2021 14:56