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Smartphone Guide

Tips in picking the best smartphone for you.

Finding the right smartphone that fits your criteria might be hard when it comes to know the price. First, let me ask you. In buying a phone, what do you think first? The brand, price, or specs? Will you say it doesn’t fit your budget? Well today, I will guide you in picking the phone. 

When we talk about brands, there are a lot to choose from, but this is not the best way in picking your phone. First, you look at the specs that suit you and then scout those specs in different smartphone brands. Yes, it may seem hard, but we all want to have the best value we can get for the price we pay. Doing some research can help you in choosing the right phone.

You also need to consider the ecosystem that you will be having, either IOS or Android. If you are an IOS user then finding your phone is easier. Android users, on the other hand, might find themselves a little difficult in choosing the proper smartphone. There are a lot of brands, operating systems, and many more, but we can all narrow it down to knowing the specs.

In getting the specs, we need to know the processor of the phone. There is Qualcomm Snapdragon, Mediatek, Samsung’s Exynos, and Huawei's Kirin processor. This might sound new to you, but knowing this can be the key to getting the proper gadget for you. The performance of your phone depends on the processor it has, you have to keep this in mind. 

Then you need to know it’s other features. This includes the camera, battery, screen size and resolution, and how fast it charges. Almost all phones in different brands have the same features when it comes to this segment due to their competition. About 6.5-inch screen with 1080p resolution is about what you need and a 4000mah battery can last you a whole day on average to almost heavy use. As for the cameras, it's up to your preferences. You will not find a hard time in this area. 

After knowing the specs you want, you will now begin gathering different smartphones in different brands. Now, they only differ in their price. When you say that you don’t have a budget, you usually mean that it is not worth your money, but when it comes to picking a smartphone, we want a phone that can last us at least 2-3 years. This is not about budgeting but investing. We invest in a phone that can give us the right value we need. So, do just buy a phone without proper knowledge. Know the specs, investigate the background of the brand, then decide if it is worth investing in.