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Time to be Happy

So happy to see my share memory on Facebook. It's all about "FACTS TO BE HAPPY" by the late Miriam Defensor Santiago.

F-orget the past
A-ccept your mistakes
C-ry and move on
T-hank God
S-mile always

Last year, I've been in a difficult situation which leads to depression. I need to undergo some medical medication to heal it.
While I am in the process of healing, I realized that I forget to be happy because I was full of guilt and hate in my heart due to some childhood traumas. 
Thank God cause, He gives me some support group and a caring family that helps me heal one day at a time. 
Now I'm still working in progress to heal fully but no medical medication now. 
Seeing this post reminds me that to be happy, I need to do this. 
And with God's guidance, I believe I will be healed fully.

Smile Guys. Always remember God is always there for us