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Time Management (Part 2) - Set Proper Goals

Time Management (Part 2) - Set Proper Goals

Juggling many tasks at once is a difficult job. Especially, if you have a limited time allotted for each of them. No matter what, we only have twenty-four hours in a day, and the exact twenty-four hours is the same for tomorrow, for the next day, and so on. 

Within the span amount of time, we need to do some necessary things as well. Just like having a night of sleep for 8-10 hours, time allocated for eating every meal of the day and doing all of the house chores, and other essential things we do. When you minus it to the twenty-four hours we have in a day, that is the only time left to do your jobs and tasks.

Within this period, we do not want to waste any more time as every second that passes is vitally important. Let us say, you only have twelve hours to do every task and everything you need to do within the day. Pressure lies on your shoulder as you try to manage your time for the day. Not to mention, if you are the kind of person who easily gets inundate.

After identifying and taking away all of your time-wasters, setting a proper goal is the next phase. When writing your goals, it could be short-term goals or long-term goals, make sure it will fit like a glove in your allotted time. It is much better if you do write your goals and tasks you need to finish within the day. Long-term goals can follow a bit later.

One thing I can advise you to include in your goals for the day is to withdraw and restrain yourself from being tempted to have time-wasters during the tasks' hours. With these goals, it gives you the focus of direction on what are the things that should be done in the day. Keeps you away from any distraction unless you allow it yourself.

Another thing that comes with the concept of time management is to learn self-discipline. No matter how much effort you put in making your goals, and no matter how detailed or pleasing your goals may be, everything will be useless you keep cannot discipline yourself from procrastinating and slacking off.

Remember to work smart alongside working hard. Spend your time efficiently and make sure to have the self-discipline to finish all of your goals and tasks within the day. Well, in the fullness of time, you will get to enjoy your time-wasters after an awesome work is done.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨