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Jomar Turtoga

This is What's Only Left #MyFirstJob

Electrician is my first job. 
This picture is what has only left on my first job. 
Way back 2014, I was assigned in a room of a building to install electrical stuffs. It's not easy because you are risking your life climbing in the ceiling and handling live(energized) wires. There was a time when the ceiling of the building had collapsed and I was under that ceiling when it happened. Fortunately, I have my hard hat that time and a scaffold which carried all of the weights of the gypsum board ceiling. 
Job might be white or blue collared. What matters most is the passion or the desire you have to do that job. Without them you will be unproductive as a worker or an employee. 
One day I realized that being a electrician is not enough. It came to my realization when I was hammering my chisel, making a hole for the pipe(just some work of an electrician). I was tired with swollen arms and hands. 
 Now, I am a 5th year, electrical engineering student at a famous state university in Davao City because of my desire and passion in electrical stuffs. 
Just keep going. Rest when you are tired. Stop when you are finished. You can do all thing with God. Nothing is impossible. Keep learning everyday. You can do it. Passion. Desire.