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The Strong Faith of Every Filipino Amidst COVID-19

Around the world every race and nation seems to struggle in fighting against COVID-19. All are scared of what is happening, every government is struggling on how they gonna handle this pandemic.  No one must be blamed in this pandemic because not even one wanted this to happen. 

Here in the Philippines we are also struggling so much because it seems that COVID-19 cases continuous to increase. But amidst of the situation we are still anchoring our trust to God alone. We are made strong by our faith to God that this will end soon and everything has it's  purpose.  The pandemic hindered us from going to church but it also led us to practice and continue our faith at home. It brought unity to every families this pandemic brought churches at home.

Life is getting harder each day but we must not forget that there is God who seeks every pain and tears from us. He never forsakes His people that's why we must continue to trust in Him because He cares for us. Let's make this season a time to remember God's grace and faithfulness to our lives.


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