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The Rainbow after the Rain #MyHappiness #MYHAPPINESS

This isn't just about one of my personal stories and experience but I also have 5 tips for those who experience Panic Attacks and also Motivation and Proper Mindset Quotes for people who needs it! This post was suppose to be two separated posts, but when I saw the new challenge I considered it to be one.  

I had my Panic Attack last Friday night October 9, 2020 at exactly 12:37 in the midnight. Why did I had a Panic Attack? Throughout the past few days, everything was weighing on me. My Online Classes, my boyfriend, my family's expectations and even my dream job having to faze away. I was getting anxious day by day, constantly worrying about everything. I was just taking naps or eating just to not think about things I worry about. I was so eager to not think about it but it just happens to run in my mind consistently like it never ends. They say those people who OVERTHINK are people who OVER LOVE and OVER CARE to someone or anyone who they think is very important to them. I agreed. Because I'm the type of person who is an "ALL OR NOTHING" to everything. It's either I give my everything or not give a damn about it. 

Having panic attacks isn't easy as other think it is. It composes of heavy breathings until it turns to not breathing easily, chest pain, uncontrollable tears and emotions, unintentional muscle movements and you can't even clear your mind easily. That's what happened to me last October 9, 2020. I keep records of my panic attacks and it's my fourth time experiencing it for this year. Others might say "Get a therapist or something". I thought about it but not right in this time of pandemic. I have these "What to do's" made for myself when I'm having panic attacks and I hope it can help you too! 

1. Get a hold of someone.
-Panic attacks isn't about being alone. You will need someone to help you what to do especially if you really can't control yourself anymore. If you live alone, have an emergency contact on your phone to call them. Additional to this is if you know how to manage your attacks, avoid using your phone and try to practice in bringing back your breathing and clearing your mind.

2. Recognize your attacks. 
-This is hard, to be honest. You basically don't know if you're just nervous or you're having panic attacks already. So what are the signs you are about to know or if you are already experiencing a panic attack. It changes you're behavior, you become unease with yourself, you sweat cold, a part of your body like arms or feet starts to move unintentionally and you have heavy breathing for a minute or two already or more and your surroundings looks so confusing. Those are the signs that you have to recognize in order to not let this attack consume you immediately.

3. Find your peaceful place. 
-This can be physically or mentally or even a person. Well for me, my peace place are my Dogs. They help me calm down slowly. You have to find your own place that makes you feel secured and at peace and try to practice the 7-8-7 counting for your breathing; Inhale for 7 seconds, hold it for 8 seconds and exhale it for 7 seconds, repeat. This will help you calm down slowly and and slows you heart beat rate, try to clear your mind as well to relax fully.

4. Don't sleep. 
-Yes, when having attacks don't sleep during it. Why? Because I experienced it. I did it. When I noticed I was having a panic attack, I tried to sleep and yes I fell at sleep but the minute I wake up everything went back to me and I feel very very tired and I started to not breathe properly and my chest hurts so badly that I ought to cry because of it. But If you think, sleeping helps you calm, you can still do it. But I read a lot of articles saying that you have to calm yourself before sleeping after a panic attack. 

5. Let everything digest. 
-This means that every after a panic attack or even a breakdown. Process everything. Think of how you came up from that incident to this incident. Think of what triggered you. You don't have to rush everything up, but don't be just sitting there and letting it happen again. Think of ways that you know it will never bother you again like that. Pray, meditate, exercise or do house chores or anything that can make you feel good. 

But from what happen, I can say that my happiness is when I see myself conquering the world again after being stormed by the world itself. Its me in the end that will always be the one to fight the world. Don't be to hard on yourself. Take breaks but don't quit. 

It's the month of Mental Health awareness, and all I wanna say is: 

Its okay not to be okay, what's not okay is accepting the fact that you are okay even if you are not. Remember that there will always be a rainbow after the rain and everything will be okay! 

I love you! 



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    Oct 12, 2020 12:45
    Very inspiring thanks for thisss