• Good News

The Path to Economic Equity

Children have no filter.  They automatically demand their “fair share”, usually at the tops of their lungs. Adults typically comply immediately, acknowledging this universal law among children.

But, the notion of fairness is jettisoned as we become adults. We generally assume society owes adults nothing, that they must earn their share or beg ignominiously for bread. Never mind that Jeremy Rifkin tells us, in “Empathic Civilization” that humans are at peak empathy, no one has the right to a free lunch.😻 
To show solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I wanted to find a way to show my displeasure with the ongoing racism and violence against Black persons in America. We mourn the massive senseless of racism in America! It's rage inducing, exhausting, and reminds us that we still don't see all lives as made perfectly in the kingdom of God. Social injustice should be prevented in our world. We're all same kind with the eyes of the Lord. We should never judge any other society just because of their history or incapability. Equity must spread and for me, the good news here is about how we treat ourselves in good matter.