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The First Phone Call from Heaven #MYFAVORITEBOOK

I am always a big fan of Mitch Albom. I got the knowledge about this amazing Author when my sister bought a pocket book of Tuesdays with Morrie and I used that as my book report when I was in Highschool. Then here came his other books. All his novel are really amazing and very inspirational. It touches my mind down to my heart and deep into my soul. I can't actually choose which one of his books is my favorite because I really love all his books.

But let me share this one book of his that makes me wonder and my big "What If". 

Losing someone you love is the hardest thing in life. For couples, they said that it is better to see the one you love be with  someday else and watch them from a distance than to lose them in sight forever. For a child who lost their parents it's painful but at the same time it's better than  for them to suffer if they are really old or in sickness. But still, you will always be sad because you'll never feel they're touch again. You'll never be able to hear how worried they are. You'll come to the point where you will just utter to yourself "I wish mom was here." "If only dad was here." For those parents who lost their child.... the pain is killing you every single day. Every single time. It is a wound that no matter how long, the bleeding may stopped and the wounds became a scar but the pain feels like a fresh deep wounds. Loosing a sibling that is so dear to you is as painful as loosing a friend. You lost that someone who you can share your thoughts with. Your best friend and your enemy as well. Your partner in crime, the one you always protecting or vise versa. Loosing someone is always feels like loosing a part of yourself
This book is about people from a small town Coldwater in  Lake Michigan who started receiving phone calls from their late love once. A child who lost her Mother, a Lady who lost her sister. A cop who lost his son and a husband who lost his wife. Imagine, one day the phone rings and you were too busy to answer the call and then when the caller left a voice mail and it start playing and this is from the person who you cherish the most. the person who owns a big part of your heart. The person that you can no longer see and be with. What will you feel? You'll be afraid of course as you know that this person is already dead, you'll be confused, but at the same time you'd feel that you should've answered the call and you will wait until the phone ring  again. Your heart will be filled with mixed emotions, but one thing is for sure-You wanted to speak with them and say the things you've always wanted to share with them. You'll ask for forgiveness you've never got a chance to do when they are still alive, you'll say how much you love them how much you miss them and how much you wanted them back. You'll probably gonna ask them to call you everyday. Thinking that you'll get update of their routine on the other side. You'll get the knowledge how things work there. You'll for sure gonna ask hows God doing it taking care of them and looking after the people on earth. You'll be able to know how they looked like now cause all you can remember is the last time you saw them. You'll be able to at least make up for the days that you missed together.  You'll be able to celebrate their birthdays over the phone.

When I first read this book, my what if is for my mom, not my biological mom but the one I grew up with. I always feel afraid if the day will come and she needs to go as well. My heart hurts and my eyes starts to cry. Sometimes when I am at a party or having fun with my friends out of nowhere I feel like going home and thinking something might happen to my mom and blaming myself all of a sudden. And then for my dad. Not my biological dad as well but the one who I grew up with, I felt like i had a very short time with him and things were not okay by that time. I wish I had more time to spend with him and the situation is not that complicated. I even did get a chance to see him on his very last moment in this world. Then things get more complicated for me when I have my own family. I'm always afraid something might happen to my husband and child. I'm always having this thinking that makes my heart hurt and then tears just keep on falling. Life is full of mystery and sometimes looks unfair, one day I lost my second son. I gave birth too early. My son tried his best to fight for his life but he was not able to do so. I hate life as death is just on the other side. We call it cycle. People die and at the same time people will be born. Then Unfortunately another death of someone came, my biological mother. When I have decided to see her more often and I believe she decided as well to try to be a Mother to me, few months after we see each other again after 4 years she died, In the mid of pandemic. Was not able to see her in her very last moment due to lock down. There's so much words to say, so much things you would like to do. But there is no chance to do it now. No matter how much you cry, no matter how much you asked sorry, its no use. It's useless.

This book will gonna make you wonder if the impossible things could be possible. This book will also teach you a lesson on how we'll be able to overcome our sadness and to totally heal the wounds. This is also about how strong your faith. This will show you that the death will never erase any strong feelings you have to the person you lost. Also you'll be able to see how pain can change people's lives and how hope can make them continue their lives. 

PS: I would like to thank a friend who gave this book to me Jerick Callejo ^_^ a very good friend of mine.