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Vincent Bongolan

The First and Only Digital Online Store



The Survival Strategies during the Global Pandemic Outbreak is rising and is reshaping the business landscape as the mobility restrictions imposed around the world drive online shopping and building of online store. 
There is no doubt that e-commerce is powering the economy by offering products and services which can be transacted and purchased online with easiness, seamless, fastest, and cost-effective delivery of products and services.
Etech International Online Shop was born to cater the demand from online buyers around the world. Truly, the Global Pandemic Outbreak is shaking the world of business and industry by transforming to online transactions. 
The buying public or the consumers around the world are taking big leaf by adjusting to a new normal life. 
Etech International was managed by Data Engine Training and Consultancy – A Data Science Service Provider founded by a Data Scientists and Professors in the field of Data Science and Computer Science and Engineering. Vincent Torre Bongolan started this initiative to offer his services right after his graduation from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He started to offer Statistical Services to fellow students in the University and later, he started offering his services to Upwork.com – an online job platform.
Etech International Online Shop envisioned to become the first and only digital shop which offers a seamless, fastest, and cost-effective delivery of products and services to buying public and community. 

What Etech International Online Shop Do
Etech International Online Shop is an Ecommerce platform which envisioned to provide online consumers with a wide range of products and services which can be avail online by the buying public without sacrificing the quality, reliability, affordability, and value.
The word, “Etech” is derived from the root-word for Emerging Technology which became one of the buzzwords at the Pantheon of Technology.
The website and the business itself are run and managed using current and most advanced technology which encapsulate the name of the business itself and its operations in the online space. 
We also envision to provide products and services which, in turn, will make life more easier, make buying or shopping online practical and more convenience as we adhere to deliver the products and services in a more seamless, fastest and cost-effective which will truly become the first and only digital store for all needs. 

Our Strategy
To fuel the business and for us to provide the latest, hottest, and most needed products and services, Etech International partners up with other businesses to gain and offer a wide range of products and services. 
For Food Products, we are a proud partner and accredited distributor of the following food products concept of JC Premiere International. 
•	Siomai King Philippines
•	Siopao Da King 
•	Siomai King Express
•	Boy Bondat by Mr. Boy Abunda 
•	Noodle House
•	Potato King 
•	Burger Factory 
•	Mang Boks – Masarap kahit walang sauce.
•	Comida Cravings

For Health, Beauty and Wellness, we are also partnered with JC Premiere Business International and CopperMask Philippines – One of the providers of beauty, wellness, and health products such as CopperMask 2.0 and Ninja Ion Air Purifier. We are also partnered with a laboratory company for us to provide products that are made from a scientific process and mixed by a qualified chemist. 
We are also partnered with myPRESS Printing Services which offers printing services such as Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Sintra Board Printing, Tarpaulin Printing, and other large format printing. Labels and Packaging of the Etech International Products are produced and printed by myPRESS PRINTING SERVICES and Vtech Printing Services.   We print labels, stickers, banners, flyers, magazines, tarpaulins, products packaging, Calendars, desk calendars and a lot more relative to printing. We are also partnered with Data Engine Training and Consultancy and a Statisticsdoctor Consultancy – a Statistics, Data Science Service Provider company where we offer Statistical Consultancy, Data Science Analytics, Thesis and Dissertation Services, Research and Survey Services. The founder of Etech International is a Sr. Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Lead for Innovation working for Asian Development Bank, a book author on Research and Statistics, and a contributing author on different e-learning platforms such as UDEMY, Coursera and Tabletwise. The founder is also a Sr. Professor teaching Descriptive Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Big Data Fundamentals and Python Programming Language. 

Lellouch Hombre International is one of the biggest suppliers of Clothing and Apparel. Lellouch Hombre International offers branded shirts, hoodies, shirts, shorts, jeans, etc. We are also partnered with other business in the clothing industry for us to have a wide source of clothing and apparel. 
We are also a drop shipper company wherein most of our products are sourced and integrated with the biggest dropshipping store such as Alibaba, Aliexpress and Amazon.com. We are also a proud partner of different online stores in the country and south-east Asia such as Shopee Philippines and Lazada Philippines. Home and Office Supplies are made possible because of the droppshipping Business.
To make fulfillment and delivery of products and services more accessible and convenient to buying public, we are also partnered with different logistics and delivery services such as J & T, Lalamove, Grab Food, Mr. Speedy, Ninja Van International, Entrego, Gogo Express and Xio Express. We are also one of the Grab Car Operator and Toktok Delivery Service. With these collaborations, we are confident that we can deliver the availed products and services in no more than 5 days. We want to deliver products and services as fast as we could. To make payment of products and Services, we are also applied to some payment gateways such as PayMongo, GCASH, Dragonpay, Bank Transfer and Paypal to make purchased more convenient and with ease. 

Social Responsibility 
Etech International initiatives include helping young entrepreneurs and startups put up their own business through affiliate services on our website. Through Affiliate services, aspiring entrepreneurs can just share our website on their social media channels. In the affiliate section, interested entrepreneurs may sign-up to our website as an affiliate. Once we confirm their intention and purpose, they will receive an affiliate link that they can share on their social media accounts. They can get as much as 10% commission from the sales generated from the links that they have shared. This way, there is no need for the aspiring entrepreneur to buy physical products for on-hand items. All they need to do is to share our website and we will reward them for the sales that they can generate from sharing. We will also provide the highest level of customer service to answer all inquiries from buyers.
and affiliates. 
Etech International is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new website at etech.international, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Alidropship. We envisioned to be the first and only digital online shop in the Philippines that aims to offer the easiest, fastest, and seamless cost-effective delivery of products and services. 
As a result of the global pandemic, businesses are strategizing for ways to thrive and survive. Online shopping has paved the way to overcome mobility restrictions caused by lockdown and other quarantine protocols. Etech International Online Shop is powered by an Ecommerce Developer, whose mission is to empower businesses in creating an eCommerce website, without any technical skills required. We can help you source the products you want to sell via Alidropship, all you have to do is withdraw your income once the orders are fulfilled. 
Through a partnership with Prosperna, they become more accessible to Filipinos worldwide! In less than a month, they have developed a fully functioning website, at a rate faster and more affordable than other services they looked at. Through the Online Store Builder, Etech International can continue offering its products to Filipinos from all over the world. EXCITING FEATURES OF OUR WEBSITE 
The website functions for both marketing and selling purposes, designed with the latest practices and modern aesthetics. It is also equipped with functionality, easy access, and the essential information to help customers purchase online and create a fully contactless transaction for their convenience. 
The features of the website they built with Alidropshipping includes: 
•	Products Page featuring their entire catalog, with filters to help narrow down searches.
•	Clothing and Apparel 
•	Food Products ○ Health, Wellness, and Beauty 
•	Gadgets and Electronics 
•	Home and Office Supplies 
•	Services 
•	Secure Digital Payments via Paypal, GCash, Paymongo, and Dragonpay. 

You can now purchase from Etech International anytime, anywhere! For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us on our website, or shop now to