• Good News


It was way back in 2007, I graduated BSHRM and has high hopes on the career that I chose. though many had advised me to be on a different field than hospitality, I didn’t falter and still persuaded my passion for food and service. At an early age, I am already knowledgable on how to run a fast-food chain because my grandmother owns one. actually she built it from scratch, starting from a small stall to having a canteen. in fact, I’m Lola’s little helper. I help her buy ingredients for the menu in Balintawak, I help her cook it, open the store, clean tables, etc. So pretty much I have a bit of experience in doing manual labor. After I graduated from college, I don’t know where to start, that why I’m idle for 1 month, I started handing out my resume on multiple restaurants but none accepted my application. during that time they prefer someone who has an experience in an actual job. Luckily, I got a call from the agency, they want to hire me as an assistant cook in a fast-food restaurant in sm north Edsa. I was thrilled to have my first job so I accepted the offer, completed my training and necessary documents. when I got to my actual work. I was culture-shocked. at first, during opening it’s very calm, quiet, everyone is minding their own business and preparing for the day. my supervisor told me to stationed at the dishwashing area, which is kinda weird since I’m hired as an assistant cook. So I ask “when will I cook?”, she replied, “Once the head chef told you to do so but as of the moment clean the dishes” Then I did what she told me, cleaned every dish that comes in the door. My shift starts at 10 am but I am required to come into work 1 to 2 hours before work to d preparation. by 8 am, I punch in my time card and start doing my preparation, I make sure I have enough dishwashing liquid for the day, the condiments are already prepared, the steam machine should be on good condition and the rice are already washed before cooking which is my only cooking task for the whole day. By 9:45 am, We start the day with a prayer which is nice. As soon as the clock hits 10 am, the chaos begins, customers start to pour in like hungry lions, orders come in like a machine gun firing bullets and the dishes are always enormous. On my first day, I was poofed, it was very tiring but luckily my co-workers are very supportive. Some maybe strick because we’re at work but when our shift is done, everybody loosens up, every after payday, we drink in a bar and have a good time. Through my experience with them, I learned to expect the unexpected, always be positive, always do what is right, and focus on the task at hand. nothing new is easy at first but once you get you to it, it will be just a normal day.