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The best view comes after the hardest climb 😍

Hi guys! I just wanna share with you an amazing adventure i had on our trip to Dingalan, Aurora (Batanes of the East).

After shift we went right away going to Aurora, I know that we're all sleepy  and hungry that time because we just got off to work but our excitement is what keeping us awake 😂😂
Day 1 :
To be honest, I have fear of heights and also afraid of riding a bus. It's just that i overthink too much on something that is unlikely to happen. I shared it to my co-workers as we're waiting, they cheer me up and said that I have to face my fear. On our way to our destination, 3 months since i got hired and met my co-workers I decided to share something about myself to my seatmate so that we won't get bored. 

It's already evening when we arrived at the island, what we did was enjoy the view of the beach and feel the cold wind while sippin' whiskey after that we decided to sleep and have a rest for tomorrow's activity.

Day 2 :
First Activity that we did was Hiking, We made a bet of whose the best in Jack 'en Poy the condition is to carry the Plastic bag that has bottled water,  chocolate and cups in it. We haven't started the hiking but we're already tense that time 😂😂 As you may see on the picture that's the view after reaching the top of the mountain.