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The actual explanation of the saying: "Nothing is Worth It, If You Aren't Happy

    "Nothing is Worth It if you arent Happy", this quotation might have been known for a while now, although this motto or quotation has really something behind it and really explains a lot about our livelihood. People tend to have dreams and passions on how they really want to end up Im pretty sure we humans all want to be very successful but what some people miss is the fact that they always plan on it or dream about it, but they don't work on it. You see, We can never get anything by just standing around and doing nothing, this is the point that people miss out on, is the fact that our dreams will be very easy and be done quickly but little do they know, it's surprisingly hard.

        Let's look at those people who work these days, The ones who work really hard do you always see them doing their job so easily? Cuz I don't think so, Some of them might even not been paid properly or worst not even paid. But it is not all about the money you say, But what people don't know is we need these things such as money to do the things we want or have to. People with such high power and control are known as "successful people" just because they have a very sufficient job. But some people are even just not happy with their jobs even though they have a high salary, have powerful control and all of that good stuff it may not have been their dream or maybe their just forced to have that job. As for kids, I'm sure most of their parents want really good jobs for their children and even though that's not what the kid wants. We can look at this as their literally cutting their children's wings, but I mean people say that "Parents know best" but do the kids think it's the best decision? Sure, kids are pretty unable to make decisions at such a young age but they should still have the right to think for themselves, which is what they want and to accomplish their dreams. Sometimes it's not all about the money but it's about the thought. We live in a society where we tend to think having lots of money is "successful" but they don't really think about what the thought of the person is, and also remember the saying? "Money can't buy Happiness"

     From this simple quotation, Did you really see the real meaning behind it? Exactly, We can do anything we want but sometimes were even forced and because of all this success in mind and what the people around you think, Does that really matter, I mean sure you get a really good job but for your inner self, I'm asking you Are You Happy with your decisions? What people are mistaken from the start is they think all the good stuff is the best. But, what about ur inner thoughts? We all grow up until were not capable of doing much and at this phase, all the regret comes to you and you think that "was all the things I did, worth it at all" and you begin to think of all the things that you could've done or could've made you happy. But no, it's all over now. We all should not live in this kind of regret, We really shouldn't keep up with the cycle of working on a job that we don't wanna, and we should actually be the change so we don't live up to any regrets, this will take a lot of sacrifices but that's the lesson which life is teaching us nothing ever comes to you when you don't work hard for it. What matters is what makes you happy or what you think is the best for you and that is doing what you love to do.