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John Mark


Hi there, I just want to share this poem about how we are bound and are slaves to technology. I wrote this during my junior high school years. It might not be that relevant now and I think it kinda sounded ironic given the situation we are all in right now but I hope you find this entertaining at least.


Tap, tap, tap, went the cellphone screen

Looking down, your face is barely seen

I won’t be surprised if you don’t have the slightest of clues

Of what is occurring in the world around you

Some of us now are not even accustomed to speak

Because typing on their keyboard is what they really seek

Disconnecting themselves as they dive in

Into the fictitious world, all of us imagined

Walk, walk, walk, goes my tiny feet

Searching for somewhere comfortable to sit

And yet, every place I’ve been, there’s always a tapping sound

So a question popped up in my mind, are we that technology-bound?

Yes! In a way, we are

And our downfall is not that far

Living in a world filled with chaos is a possibility

If technology is not utilized properly

Indeed, Technology pledged to assist each of us

But the way we wield it is not even just

And relying on it too much repeatedly

Will be the cause of our demise undoubtedly