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Glennmark Palma

Teacher Mik-Mik

Mona Rica Atasan or known as " Teacher Mik-Mik" one of the famous TikTok or influencers. A 25 years old girl that currently staying at Misamis Oriental. She became famous for the contents that she been doing about real-life teachers. I am one of her followers in Tiktok not just because she is pretty and witty but, she brings positive vibes every time you watch her videos.
Most of the guys will really admire her because of her sense of humor and being friendly with other people. Every time I feel sad I just watched her content and you will forget your worries, later on, one of her famous tag lines is "Ayooo" in English just knocking on your doors or even to the hearts of the netizens. She was a guest in different programs on television most likely on GMA television. 
A lot of her followers became sad about the news that her Tiktok account has been blocked but, I think that was been retrieved a few days had passed. Mik-Mik was not just a simple teacher but also a famous influencer and proudly "Bisaya".