• Personal Stories


If I were to recall a special moment with my tatay (that’s how I call my dad), I think that would be that time when I failed my first ever interview for a job that I am applying for. During that interview, I got so nervous, no matter how much I tried to calm down my nerves, I just can’t speak articulately that I kept on stammering. The interviewer pointed out in his feedback that I didn’t sound confident enough, which is why I failed the interview.
I was very upset that time because I knew that I could have done better it’s just that my nervousness got the best of me. I’m the type of person who always keeps things to myself and overthink. I felt bad and ashamed about what happened and I don’t have the heart to tell my parents about how I felt.
Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door- it’s my tatay. He brought some of my favorite snacks, I don’t know what got into me that I started bawling the moment I saw him. My tatay got so confused and asked me what happened. So, I told him about the interview and how I felt. So just imagine me whining and crying my eyes out while saying this, 
“ I just..just feel like I suck at everything!! My friends have their dream job while I’m here failing an interview!!”
After hearing it, tatay wiped my tears, gave me a tight hug, and told me these words in a reassuring tone- 
“Dear it’s okay to fail. Don’t rush and pressure yourself. You don’t need to already know what you need to do with the rest of your life. No one is rushing you, so take your time and no matter what happens, we are proud of you.”
After he said those words, I felt at peace. I realized that tatay is right- IT IS OKAY TO FAIL. 
I took a deep sigh of relief and I hugged him back. In the middle of that heartwarming moment, he then gets his phone and took a picture of me, and said teasingly, “Look how ugly you get when you cry.”
Well, that’s how my tatay is- he is just so hilarious that no matter how serious the situation is, he always manages to crack a joke and make me laugh.
So guess what, I’ll have my final interview this week and I hope by this time I pass (fingers crossed). But this time, I feel much confident but please wish me luck still! And before I end this story of mine, may we all apply in our lives my tatay’s wisdom- Don't rush and take things slowly. Always remember that there is someone who is unfailingly cheering for you, so go on and chase your dreams! Fighting :)