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Leander Agcaoili

SWEET Kiss? Or

To touch with the lips, especially as a mark of affection or greetings is defined as the what we call kissing. 

Kissing is usually and commonly seen in a relationship between men and women. However, little we didn't know kissing has its own psychological benefits.  
To start with: 
1. kissing is a pain killer mentally, emotionally and physically
 2. When someone stares at your lips during conversation, that person desires to kiss you!

3. Kissing lowers a woman's risk of suffering from depression.

4. A kiss stimulates 29 muscles and chemicals causing bodily relaxation.

5. 10 % of the world's population does not kiss.

and lastly, 
6. Philematology is the science of kissing. 

Some benefits may or may not applicable to everyone.



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