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Still not sure of your College degree? Hear my story!

It's really tiring to think many times what career will you pursue in College. I know high school has been the ground for decision-making for most of us. And I am also sure you were once an excellent and consistent honor student way back then. Am I right? But when you entered college, that's when you feel you are not good anymore. How can I say so?

It's because I have been there. It's up to the point that I lose my confidence in everything I do. Studying in one of the top universities in the country seems like more of a pressure cooker than an opportunity. I always feel like I'm the dumbest student in a lecture class of 200 students. Every exam, I always feel like I would mess it up and I'll end up failing my course.

The take away of these things is that I was able to internalize things again and decided to shift course. It's really hard at first because all processes are made online and the agony of waiting is killing me. But guess what, I made it through! And I know you can also make it! If you're really struggling and at the same time not happy anymore with your current degree now, I think it's the right time for you to consider making a small step. I know it's not too much but think of it as a stepping stone.
In the end, it's still important that we're happy and enjoying things while studying. Don't pressure yourself too much! Get through it. šŸ˜‰

PS: You should watch the youtube video I posted. šŸ˜Š


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 31, 2020 16:40
    Nice article!